CESORA is a versatile calculation tool that offers extensive calculations regarding the effective terrestrial solar radiation. It provides important information to users in numerous fields of application, in which knowing the spectral distribution of radiation is essential and must be simulated if it cannot be measured easily. 

Applications for CESORA include virtually all technologies where solar radiation and its spectral distribution can cause measurable effects, for example, Automotive & Transportation – Plastics – Coatings & Paints – Solar Energy – Cosmetics – Agriculture – Photochemistry – Building & Construction. 

CESORA computes instantaneous ('single case'), as well as time-integrated ('diurnal variations', 'time series') spectral or broadband irradiance on surfaces of specifiable geometry exposed to solar radiation at selectable times and locations under precise meteorological conditions.

Download: CESORA flyer (PDF, 372 KB)

Extensive Online Help

CESORA comes with an extensive operation manual that will help you to use the software accordingly. You can download the manual as a PDF file below. When purchasing the software, we will give you a compiled HTML help file (.chm) that offers some extra features.

Download: CESORA Operation Manual (PDF, 593 KB)


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