The Fundamentals of Weathering II

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Course Objective

The Fundamentals of Weathering II is a continuation of the basic, one-day seminar offered at various locations across the United States, Canada and Europe that emphasizes lightfastness and weathering durability testing techniques.

The seminar will examine in more detail how various factors of weathering and climate, such as solar radiation, heat and moisture, may affect materials and how to test the resistance of a formulation or product to them. We will discuss how measuring devices for parameters of weathering function, and identify some of the common errors associated with their use. We will discuss in more detail the way advanced laboratory equipment controls irradiance, humidity, and temperature. Visual and instrumental evaluation methods will be discussed for both appearance and physical attributes. As with the original Fundamentals of Weathering course, special attention is given to the testing techniques of paints and protective coatings, automotive materials, architectural building products, molded plastics, and textile materials.


Participants attending The Fundamentals of Weathering II will learn more details about the primary weather factors that affect the durability of materials. Attendees will acquire a more in-depth understanding of how to properly structure a weathering test to derive maximum value. From choosing the appropriate test to analysis and evaluation techniques, participants will leave the class with insightful knowledge into the weathering industry.


The Fundamentals of Weathering Staff includes experts from Atlas Material Testing Technology and the Atlas Weathering Services Group.

Who Should Attend

The seminar introduces the fundamentals of natural and accelerated weathering to those involved with designing, evaluating, specifying, selling or purchasing materials or products that could be affected by exposure to light or weather. This includes materials engineers, product managers, marketing and sales managers, R&D personnel and formulation chemists or anyone needing to understand weatherability.

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