Books on Materials Degradation

The Handbook of Material Weathering

Edited by Dr. George Wypych, is a step-by-step guide to materials durability with expert advice on recent trends in effective testing. It is one of the most thorough works on material behavior during exposure to environmental conditions that is available today. This book should be on the desk of anyone involved with studying material durability, producing materials for outdoor use, photochemistry research, R & D of new materials and quality control of manufactured products. Dr. Wypych is an expert in the field of material degradation with over 25 years of experience in the industry. The book can be purchased through Chemtec Publishing (www.chemtec.org

Weathering of Plastics: Testing to Mirror Real Life Performance

Also edited by Dr. Wypych, is a compilation of papers and opinions of experts in materials degradation testing. The book illustrates the importance that certain parameters such as UV radiation and temperature of the specimens has on weathering studies. The book also provides information relating laboratory tests to outdoor exposure correlation. Anyone interested or involved in the plastics or polymer industry will benefit from this book. The book can be purchased through Chemtec Publishing (www.chemtec.org)

Imaging and Image Analysis Applications for Plastics

Edited by Prof. Dr. Behnam Pourdeyhimi, is a collection of papers that discuss novel imaging techniques and image analysis methods currently in use to quantify the process or the material. The broad collection of applications gathered in the book illustrates a wide variety of material process and property relationships. The book can be purchased through Chemtec Publishing (www.chemtec.org