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Atlas offers the following technical articles and white papers covering an array of topics related to weathering. Click the text you would like to read to go to the full article.

Atlas 25+ ® PV Durability Testing

This paper discusses the Atlas 25+ ®, a comprehensive, multi-dimensional environmental weatherability test program for photovoltaic modules. The aim of this weathering methodology is to complement the basic or extended versions of the IEC “infant mortality” tests by replicating the weathering stresses representative of long-term outdoor exposure that would be otherwise unattainable without multi-year real-time field testing.

Deterministic Weathering

A realization of deterministic acceleration of laboratory weathering under controlled conditions is an essential requirement for delivering reliable and fast prediction of material durability in comparison to real use aging behavior. We present a laboratory weathering system capable of predicting the aging rate of material specimens, e.g. coatings, under interest independent on the aging mechanisms as a function of radiant exposure. The irradiance will be extended above the normal level on earth surface while keeping all relevant temperature parameters fixed. These tests are performed in compliance with the essential international standards (ISO 4892-2, ISO 11341, ISO 105-B02 and ISO 105-B06).

High Irradiance Weathering Testing

This white paper will describe high irradiance benefits, techniques, and a simple but necessary validation process. High irradiance testing may offer one viable way to achieve the “need for speed” in your weathering testing.

Optimizing Weathering Experiments for the Reproduction of Simultaneous Photochemical and Physical Degradation Pathways

The characteristics and requirements of polymeric materials are becoming more and more versatile as technical advancements proceed. The same is true for their degradation behavior due to environmental influences, i.e. their weathering behavior. This is especially obvious for modern composites or laminates (wood plastic composites, multi-junction solar cells etc.), which often combine diverse materials and which are then susceptible to the degradation pathways of each individual component. Additionally, since the physical properties of these components differ, mechanical stresses between the individual materials due to temperature or humidity changes, can result in fatigue of the composite material.

Validating Photovoltaic Module Durability Tests

This report details a comprehensive long-term multi-step effort required to develop and validate both current and new tests and a roadmap to develop a service life prediction methodology. Finally, the report recommends an interim solution using the current standards process.

Weather Durability Testing of Paints and Coatings

This paper will introduce the various natural outdoor, accelerated outdoor, and laboratory accelerated artificial weathering techniques and some issues regarding their use in coatings testing. Recent advances in coatings weathering, such as advances in technology such as better solar simulation, higher acceleration, lower testing temperatures, and others will be highlighted.

Xenologic™ Innovative Operating Technology That Extends Lamp Life

A brief description of XenoLogic™, a new patented xenon lamp operating technology that has been developed to provide longer lamp operational service life and reduce downtime and operating costs. Additionally, other technological developments are briefly described which contribute to improved weathering instrument measurements and operational performance, ultimately providing more reliable test results.